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Watchdog Bail Bond Software

Other client management programs have been observed to be based on aging and minimally supported development platforms.  In other cases, client management programs are macro based and sub standard logic programming practices. 

Proven Technology

Using proven database engineering technologies, Watchdog Bail Bond Management Software has successfully developed and integrated a premier business solution for your bail bond business.

  • Professionally designed database exclusive to Microsoft© based solutions and support.
  • Industry experienced bail bond software programming and support.
  • Intuitive forms and database logic permit a natural flow of information gathering throughout the client management process.
  • Client intake forms develop a rigorous and complete profile to track and effectively manage the client process start to finish and every detail between.


Watchdog Bail Bond Software is a stand-alone database application that is fully network capable in as much as it will sit as a single user stand-alone application on your desktop workstation. 

The database itself stands alone from the user interface which in part is what benefits the application.  Your valuable data can sit securely in a protected environment, server or otherwise, and each authorized user, those who have the user interface installed onto their workstation, can access the database through connections. 

  • As an example, online banking, a user accesses the user's bank account(s) through a interface .  While a user is accessing the account information, they are never really physically touching the database.

This is extremely beneficial in that your data can sit separate and protected away from the user interface.  The user interface connection to the database means the user is not directly touching the database rather, accessing it through the application connection.

This becomes really important from the perspective when regular updates are sent to licensed users, usually only the  interface will be affected, not jeopardizing valuable data.

In the above manner, multiple users can have access to the data through multiple connections, all using the database concurrently.